Guiding Digital Stories for Change: GreenShorts, My Collaboration with UCLA & My Hero Project

I had a blast working with my friends at MY HERO Project's @MyHeroProject collaboration with UCLA's GreenShorts film festival to present a free workshop with pointers and tips on how to film short environmental videos.  We helped guide story ideas in pre-production, give at-home filming tips for production, and give ideas on the many ways to edit film in post-production. 

Since the goal was to create stories that advocate for action, I shared a how to take a Public Service Announcement from Blah to Blam!


One of my favorite videos from the project I had the pleasure of judging as the winner in the "Ready, Set, Action!" Catagory. This beautifully shot PSA that takes a narrow look at how climate change effects your morning cup of tea.

For more information on the GreenShorts film festival, including categories visit:



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