Saturday, May 30, 2009

America's Promise Alliance Impact Academy, Washington D.C.

I'm in our nation's capitol this week to participate as a speaker at Colin Powell's youth outreach organization America's Promise Alliance. This conference is called an Impact Academy and will bring together more than 150 young people with leaders from the nonprofit, business, politics and journalism sectors to discuss the challenges facing children and youth today and how they can work with the different sectors to empower their peers and increase the nation’s high school graduation rate.

I and my Film Your Issue colleague HeathCliff Rothman will be presenting a basic visual literacy session to students interested in filmmaking. Conference participants will be challenged to return to their communities with ideas around using the arts to serve young people in need, community action and advocacy, career exploration, living healthy lifestyles and successful strategies for leveraging school-based programs to support peers and community.


Mister Sill said...

Frank, I am always impressed at the quality of your delivery. Teaching kids the tools of visual literacy and film making will certainly lead to empowerment. Hope you have a great time!

Frank Guttler said...

Thanks Jim-
It's was a great day working with kids truly and passionately engaged in waking their communities batter.