Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get A Job! Career Essentials with a Rock-a-Billy beat!

I'm teaching a career-track TV/Video class at a local high school as part of California's State Regional Occupational Program (ROP). In addition to the basics of production, the curriculum calls for units on career building; resumes, portfolios, interview skills etc. I'm finally over the trauma of the mandatory sexual harassment unit.
I was looking for something to show that class that would make the career essentials stuff as riveting in the classroom as it is in real life and I came across GET A JOB a little gem from the 1980's.

Brad Caslor's 1985 animated classic is technically an "educational film" dealing with self-motivation, preparing a resume, contacting people by phone and mail, getting ready for an interview and the interview itself. More than that it's a brilliant homage to Bob Clampett, Tex Avery and other extreme animation of the 1940's. Thanks to the miracle of YouTube this out-of-print nugget exists to help get your kids ready for the work world!

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Character Education said...

Ya its looks help full. there are other too with can help in building Character. you know character education videos.